Victoria Station is the second busiest railway terminus in the UK.  Originally Victoria Station was a combination of 2 railway stations which merged in the 1850’s when Victoria Station named after Victoria Street (not Queen Victoria) became known as the Southern Railway Company. The Kent side buildings were constructed of Portland stone with a further elevation added later, constructed with brickwork and detailed stucco to enhance its architectural appeal.


The works included the removal of an existing canopy, complete restoration, clean and repair of 3 number elevations and replacement of 25 number roofs.


After initial survey and award of contract it was decided that a traditional design and build scaffold would be required to gain access in order to restore all external facades.

Scaffold was erected out of hours due to public highways restrictions following which a complex programme detailing the refurbishment was initiated.

Works included paint stripping 1000m2 paint  using peelaway, brick cleaning, stone cleaning, stucco repair, stone repair, decorations, roof replacements and repairs.