Spence continue to deliver the Fenchurch Street Congestion Relief project, to ensure that the customer experience is improved and that the train operating company – C2C have the environment they require to deliver an ongoing safe and efficient service.

A key project milestone has been achieved. The newly created access staircase has been opened to the public, enhancing the Cooper Street entrance and safely delivering the passengers to the platforms quicker and more effectively. To facilitate this project, Spence also removed several retail units to increase circulation and transitional space.

Phase 3 facts;

Project delivered in a live environment with ZERO serious accidents/incident and NO impacts on station operations.
Over 19,000 hours spent delivering the project around the clock by way of a 24/7 working.
Between Christmas and New Year c1000 hours on site delivering the following;
Hand removal of 10t of steel
Hand break out and removal of 8t of reinforced concrete
Installation of 4t of temporary propping
Installation of 7t of load bearing steel
First fix electrical and telecom installation
Staff rest room area refurbished
Water catchment system installed to protect against future damage
New ceiling and cladding installation to stairwell

Spence continue to work towards completing several other phases of the scheme, whilst working with C2C and Network Rail in a successful working partnership.