The development is a refurbishment of 12 railway arches and associated landscape and public realm works at 189 to 200 Morning Lane, Hackney.

The arches were previously used as light industrial units and will be refurbished to retail units predominantly for fashion outlets as part of the Hackney Fashion Hub.

The following is a lists of the works completed:

– Foundations for all arches have been installed.
– Mains power cable for all arches has been installed.
– Clear 2nr infill plots in front of arches 189/200 of rubbish
– Removed rear infill walls and reinstate including steel, brick and louver’s
– Installed new BT cable from bins store to arch 189.
– Installed mains water into arches 189 – 200.
– Started to install A/C units.
– Installed kitchens.
– Installed all stud walls.
– Installed floor screen.
– Ceilings have been completed in arches 196/200
– Steelworks inside arches 189/200 have been completed.
– Bin store linings have been completed.
– Lining to ceiling in bin has been completed.
– Duct work to arches 189/200 has been installed.
– Sub-Station has been commissioned.

The next stage of the project is to install the steelwork to the front on the brickwork and the new glass to front of house.