Work is progressing to make significant improvements to Chelmsford railway station.

The following is a list of the works completed to date:

Duke Street Tower & Entrance:

We have completed the steel work and continued with the brick work up to the 5th lift of the tower & entrance.
We have installed the timber joist floors to the tower offices.
Designed and manufactured new glazing to the Duke Street entrance and tower ready for installation.
Other works:

We have completed all brick work and installed the roof to the new ATM building.
Began installation of all first fix mechanical and electrical installation including containment in the new TVM room.
Began installation of the steels to overflow stair tower 1 to provide additional access to platform 1.
Began installing foundations to new conservatory which will form the new Costa coffee retail area.
Began demolition and removal of fixtures within the existing ticket office and staff accommodation.