Works are now complete and Brixton Triangle Arches where Spence have undertaken an extensive £5m refurbishment of the viaduct, creating new and enhanced retail space in Brixton.

The renovation included the units within the arches and the space between the arches, creating a new thoroughfare with kiosk units between Brixton Road and Atlantic Road. The kiosks in the existing thoroughfare were also refurbished.

A full list of works is outlined as follows:

  • Removal of the shop fronts;
  • Break out of the arch slabs;
  • Internal/external drainage;
  • M&E utility services;
  • Pouring of the new arch slabs;
  • Brick and block partitions;
  • Arch infill / steel frame work and glazing;
  • Arch lining;
  • Glazed shop fronts with roller shutters;
  • New M&E services.