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Spence’s vast experience, together with our organisational structure means we can, at any time, call upon the right team for any projects that may not necessarily fall within the remit or scope of other construction companies. It means we can provide a fast response and reactive, yet high quality service completely tailored to a client’s needs, no matter how specific they may be.


Quite often, because of the nature of the project, we are called upon at short notice to step in and take up the reigns of an existing work-in-progress or it may be our client could just not find anyone willing or able to take the work on. That’s exactly where our diverse and expert team can and does help. It has not only led to us helping out many clients in terms of meeting existing deadlines, but also in getting highly bespoke projects off the ground – as well as placing great emphasis on our own teams to produce increasingly innovative solutions.

In short, whatever your project, however specific or difficult you think it may be – talk to Spence first.


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