The newly renovated Greens Cafe is at the Joiner St Entrance to London Bridge Station, next to The Shard.

The project was awarded to Spence with the scope to create a modernised and flexible space for a restaurant style business. 

Works extended over two floors with multiple storage space and public toilets in the basement.

The original building, which consisted of three levels of structural arches, required major structural alterations and this involved the removal of various walls and floors. 



Spence’s works were adjacent to some of the main foundations of The Shard, including the bus station which is situated directly above, the project therefore required several months of both planning and design to ensure the works had no detrimental effect on the structural integrity of The Shard. The permanent structural works were designed by Network Rail consultants, with all temporary works being designed by Veda – Spence’s sister company. The installation of the temporary works was a logistical challenge due to the restricted access to the site and the extremely constricted working space within the project.

In order to ensure the programme could be achieved, works were carried out in continuous 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week commencing December 2014 until completion in May 2015.

Spence also completed the front elevation, with the creation of a new entrance door and additional window. The finished result being a fresh new facade which complimented the historical original features to the station building