The works at Beccles Railway Station involved the refurbishment of the redundant loop line platform. The programme allowed a 6 week period with an end date that had to be met due to the train operating companies need to take the platform into use for new services.

The work area was segregated by installing a Vortok barrier fence to separate the main line from the loop line. This enabled works to be undertaken 24/7 and without this the project would not have been deliverable to the timescales required.





The design of a non standard platform gauge was necessary in order to accommodate future track lifting and slewing. A compressed NR assurance period needed to be achieved within a short construction programme and the team also had to work around the seasonal weather which affected the timing of works on site.

Spence ensured a smooth delivery of works through close liaison with our design department, our client, Network Rail and track gauge engineers.

Real-time planning and monitoring of the breaks in weather for windows of opportunity to carryout activities such as concreting works was critical in achieving project completion.

The following work took place during the construction phase:

  • The adjustment of the riser wall to facilitate a minimum 35mm overhang;
  • The installation of new type A coper units with white lines, tactiles, Bitmac surfacing with yellow line behind the tactiles, Aco channel drainage and Hooped topped fencing to the operational section;
  • Refurbishment of the steel footbridge structure;
  • The installation of a Bauxite antiskid surface to the existing asphalt footbridge ramps;
  • The installation of new antiskid GRP surface to the footbridge span;
  • The installation of a new DDA access ramp and access point including footpaths linking the station access to the existing local authorities footpaths and footbridge;
  • The installation of a new DDA waiting shelter and cycle rack;
  • The installation of new feeder pillars and the installation of a new platform, footbridge and footpath lighting consisting of columns, bulkhead and bollard lighting units;
  • The installation of a new DDA help point and CIS system.